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Tips and Tricks For a Good Nights’ Sleep

So, you have just purchased the latest Fitbit and have started collecting data on your optimal sleep habits and patterns. What do you do with the data, and how can we use extra tips and tricks to ensure your sleep is optimised? Even if this isn't specifically the case for you, we can all use a few helpful hints to make getting those 6-9 hours a little bit simpler. For our first tip, it can be helpful to only spend the amount of time in bed that you intend to sleep. This means not entering your bed to watch a tv show, movie, read a book or play a game. If you only get into bed half an hour or...

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Top Five Gluten-Free Bloggers

It can be challenging to find people worth following with so many options to choose from in the health food blogging scene. Yesterday we posted an article by threebakers.com across our social media accounts showcasing 25 of their favourite gluten-free bloggers. After all the link clicks the posts received it was clear that we should present our top five gluten-free bloggers to get all our readers the best and most concise information out there. So here it is, Kuranda Wholefood’s top five! Appearing on most lists out there is the amazing Erin Smith. Creator of the Gluten-Free Fun Blog as well as Gluten-Free Globetrotters, a movement designed to encourage people with coeliac disease to travel the world. Packed with helpful...

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Do you know your vitamin ABCs?

Vitamins and minerals are the cornerstones to having a healthy and happy life. Kuranda Wholefoods pack our entire product range with tons of products that can maximise your daily vitamin counts to the levels you need! However, a lot of people don’t understand the full benefits acquired from each specific Vitamin. So, we thought we would put together a piece on all the health benefits associated with vitamin A, B and C. Vitamin A Vitamin A is an essential Vitamin for development and growth, cell recognition and most importantly, immune function. Like most vitamins, vitamin A is found in different forms through fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. If you have a dearth of vitamin A in your system you may...

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Amaranth: The Gluten Free Powerhouse That You Need To Experience

Amaranth was first cultivated by the Aztecs many years ago. It was considered not only a staple portion of their diet but a key part of their worship. The name Amaranth is derived from a Greek word meaning, “one that does not wither.” Amaranth lives up to its reputation remaining a beautiful bright gold, purple and red even after harvest. The naturally gluten free protein like quinoa is not actually a grain but a seed. The seeds were combined with honey and grain to create statues! Amaranth takes little water to grow and can produce seeds even if experiencing 40 days without rain. Amaranth whilst being a powerhouse protein also contains two essential amino acids in methionine and lysine which are often missing in grains. Amaranth is...

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