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Amaranth: The Gluten Free Powerhouse That You Need To Experience

Amaranth: The Gluten Free Powerhouse That You Need To Experience

The Amaranth Plant: How It Works

Amaranth was first cultivated by the Aztecs many years ago. It was considered not only a staple portion of their diet but a key part of their worship. The name Amaranth is derived from a Greek word meaning, “one that does not wither.” Amaranth lives up to its reputation remaining a beautiful bright gold, purple and red even after harvest. The naturally gluten free protein like quinoa is not actually a grain but a seed. The seeds were combined with honey and grain to create statues! Amaranth takes little water to grow and can produce seeds even if experiencing 40 days without rain.

Amaranth whilst being a powerhouse protein also contains two essential amino acids in methionine and lysine which are often missing in grains. Amaranth is higher in minerals such as iron, phosphorus and calcium than most vegetables! Additionally, Amaranth contains incredible amounts of protein at 28.1 grams in a cup. Compare this to rice, which sits at only 13.1 grams per cup this figure is truly astonishing.

Research on Amaranth has shown that it has the potential to lessen the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammation, diabetes and stroke. Whilst further research is required initial insights show promising signs.

Kuranda’s Famous Berry Blend Gluten Free Muesli has all the powerful benefits of the ancient organic Amaranth grain and will brighten up any breakfast! Combine with your favourite fruit and yoghurt to kick start your day!

Berry Blend Muesli

A wholesome mix of premium grains, seeds, fruits and almonds. With the powerful benefits of the ancient Organic Amaranth Grain (high in protein and fibre), antioxidant rich Cranberries and cholesterol fighting seeds, our Berry Blend Muesli is great for your body and tastes great too!

Fuel your body, increase your daily fibre intake and reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and other dietary conditions with this delicious and nutritionally rich breakfast choice. 

Available in 500 gram packs or a bulk 3kg pack which consists of 6x500g packs.

Save 20% when you purchase the bulk pack.

Kuranda Natural Muesli contains only the finest natural ingredients, each chosen for their individual nutritional benefits.

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