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Healthy Bar Bundles

Considering how many different products we have across every product range, it can be difficult to know which particular product to buy. That’s why Kuranda Wholefoods offers healthy bar bundles that allow you to get what you want at a great price, providing a simple way to try our products. Our value bundles are also a fantastic gift idea for friends, family members and colleagues, with an assortment of bundles available to suit many different tastes and budgets.

Choose from the Following Healthy Bar Bundles

Muesli Bundles

Kuranda Wholefoods stocks high-quality muesli value bundles that include both muesli bars and cereals in a variety of flavours. All of our muesli products are gluten free, contain no added sugar, and are suitable for customers with varying dietary requirements.

Protein Bar Bundles

Kuranda Wholefoods offers protein bars bulk buy options that allow our customers to get the protein bars they want at a low price. We can supply customers across Australia with a protein bars value pack that contains muesli, berry, banana and cacao nut protein bars that are nutritious and delicious.

Protein Bites Value Bundles

Kuranda Wholefoods has the best protein bites value bundle packs on the market. Our packs contain cacao coconut, lemon chia, acai berry and mocha protein bites, giving you a variety of flavours to enjoy at any time.

Energy Bar Value Bundles

Kuranda Wholefoods offers energy bar value bundles that provide great value for money and contain energy bars in almond, pecan and maple, macadamia and apricot, walnut and fig, almond and cranberry, and Brazil nut and date options. There’s no tastier way to get the extra energy you need for work or exercising.

Nut Bar Value Bundles

Kuranda Wholefoods stocks prebiotic nut bar starter pack options that include macadamia and hazelnut, cashew and almond nut, roasted and cranberry nut, and pecan and pistachio nut options. Out but bars are made with all natural ingredients, are gluten free, and have no added sugar or preservatives.

Chia Bar Value Bundles

If you love chia bars, Kuranda Wholefoods can supply you with healthy bar bundles that include chia bars in a variety of delicious flavours, including chia and cranberry, chia and quinoa, chia and cacao, and chia and almond.

Protein Balls Value Bundles

Kuranda Wholefoods offers protein balls value bundles that contain protein balls in many different flavours to satiate your cravings. These are highly recommended for anyone on a low sugar, vegan, paleo, low fructose or low salt diet.

Nut Free Value Bundles

Our nut free value bundles are great for customers that are allergic to nuts but don’t want to miss out on tasty treats. Not only are these bars guaranteed to contain no traces of nuts, but they also contain no added sugar or preservatives, making them a healthy choice.

Lunchbox Bites Bundles

Customers throughout Australia can easily purchase all the lunchbox bites they want from Kuranda Wholefoods. Our lunchbox bites bundles offer exceptional value for money and provide plenty of variety, with flavours including choc maple, banana smoothie, vanilla bean, and coconut slice.

Fruit Free Value Bundles

Kuranda Wholefoods stocks fruit free value bundles that come with chia and quinoa, chia and almond, organic quinoa, pecan and maple, chia and cacao nibs and almond nut flavoured snacks and muesli products. These bundles are ideal for those with fruit allergies or intolerances.

Fructose Free Bundles

Kuranda Wholefoods has the best fructose free starter pack options that include bars and cereals that don’t have any fructose in them. These packs contain bars and cereals in a range of flavours, including quinoa, chia and quinoa, chia and cacao nibs, chia and almond, chia and cranberry, and pecan and maple.

Vegan Value Bundles

Kuranda Wholefoods can provide customers Australia wide with vegan value bundles that include various types of snacks that are made using all natural vegan ingredients. We strictly follow all relevant vegan food production practices to ensure our vegan products don’t contain any meat, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish or other animal products,

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Any customers that have been wondering “is there a store that sells healthy bar bundles near me?” can shop online at Kuranda Wholefoods to get what they need. For more information on our bundles, call us on (02) 8883 0884 or submit an online enquiry.

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