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Gluten Free Nut Bars & Muesli Bars

Do you want a snack that’s satisfying and sweet yet won’t affect your fitness goals? Wholesome protein nut bars and muesli bars are delicious, chock full of goodness and packed with nutty protein that will give you the energy you need. Once you try healthy nut bars and muesli bars, you’ll forget all about chocolates and other sweet snacks!

Kuranda Wholefoods stocks the best protein nut bars and muesli bars Australia wide. Each and every breakfast muesli bar and nut bar in our range is designed to be both health and delicious, ensuring you can adhere to your fitness goals without missing out on eating foods you can enjoy. We also offer our customers prebiotic nut bars and muesli bars for sale in a wide variety of flavours, including roasted and cranberry nut, cashew and almond nut, pecan and pistachio nut, and macadamia and hazelnut. You can alternatively choose from assorted packs that contain a mix of these flavours.

We’re proud to be the best destination when you want to buy nut bars and muesli bars for sale that are made from high-quality all natural ingredients. Our low GI nut bars and muesli bars contain no added sugar, no gluten, no wheat, no dairy and no sulphites. Whether you want extra energy to get through a long workday or to help you do an intense workout, our gluten free muesli bars and nut bars are an ideal choice.

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