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How to Develop Nutritious Eating Habits

In the age of drive-thrus, constant bombardment by advertising and low attention spans it is more difficult than ever to resist that extra treat! Overhauling your diet entirely can feel akin to preparing to climb Mount Everest; purchasing all the required equipment before deciding that the lodge with the fireplace and comfortable lounge is a better choice. We’ve all been guilty of breaking new rules and habits, however whilst difficult, changing your eating habits is not impossible! When attempting to start any large overarching goal it is imperative to set yourself small achievable goals that are recognisable and provide satisfaction. A person training to be a weightlifter for the first time would not immediately place 100 kilograms on the bar...

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How to Stay Motivated In Bleak Weather

It has been a very bleak, wet and cold couple of days around certain parts of Australia. With summer just around the corner, you would be forgiven for leaning back into the warmth of comfort food and choosing to relax in front of Netflix for hours. However, even without our daily doses of Vitamin D, it is still important to get ourselves up and active. Whilst the gym might not seem as attractive as that bar of chocolate or fast food run when the weather has you down, this is a chance to use our increased mindfulness and social connectedness. One of the best ways to convince yourself to stick to your gym routine even on days such as these is...

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Food in Focus: Pecan and Pistachio Nut Bar

This week on the Kuranda Wholefood’s blog we’re going to put one of our tasty treats under the spotlight and take a look at the benefits of our Pecan and Pistachio Nut Bars! These two nuts are incredibly good for you and provide countless benefits. Sweetened with Australian honey and combined with crunchy seeds, these bars are both healthy and nutritious. Pistachio nuts are technically a fruit and come from the Pistacia Vera Tree, packed with antioxidants, fibre and healthy fats. Pistachios have been consumed by human beings for thousands of years and have managed to never dip in popularity! There was once a four-week study conducted where participants were served two servings of pistachios per day and were found...

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Food in Focus: Macadamia and Apricot Energy Bars

This week on food in focus we are going to be taking a look at two options from the Kuranda Wholefoods website that are quite unique amongst our vast array of products! Using creamy macadamia nuts and combining them with beekeeper honey and juicy organic apricots we have created a mouth-watering snack that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere! The bars are gluten free, dairy free and a fantastic source of protein; so, without further ado, let’s go check out the many benefits that these healthy snacks have to offer. The orangey-yellowish fruit that everyone is talking about in 2019 is the apricot! Apricots are fantastic sources of your daily vitamin needs providing 12% of the vitamin A and C...

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Kuranda Wholefoods Energy Bars

Most people don’t know that energy bars were originally circulated in the 1960s as space food for astronauts to carry in their helmets. They served the purpose of providing quick energy and a relatively balanced diet during missions. It wasn’t long, however, until energy bars were heavily commercialised and repackaged for athletes and regular consumers. At this point in time, the bars were considered on par with an energy drink for nutrients minus the caffeine. Unfortunately, many companies took advantage of the healthy brand image that energy bars maintained and began adding even more sweeteners to the already sugar loaded product. Look out for brands that carry high sucrose or fructose such as corn syrup. Finding a brand with plenty...

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