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Everyone's Going Nutty For Nuts!

Everyone's Going Nutty For Nuts!

There have been many recent developments in the food industry pointing towards even more benefits from eating nuts then had been previously thought!

Most people don’t realise that a nut is technically a type of fruit in a hard shell. Nuts typically used in cooking such as peanuts are considered to be something different despite being used and consumed in the same fashion.

In this article, we are going to focus on the reasons why we’re going nutty for nuts and how they can really improve your diet and life!

Although nuts are thought of as being high in fats as well as calories, they have been scientifically proven to help with weight loss. These high calorie or kilojoule counts are slightly misleading as the nuts fibrous wall prevents some of these fats from being absorbed during the digestion stage. Furthermore, there was a study conducted on overweight women where the people who consumed nuts were able to lose three times as much weight as the women who did not.

Your body tries to protect itself using inflammation against bacteria and injuries.

However, chronic inflammation can be harmful and cause damage to organs increasing the risk of disease. In a study undertaken by PREDIMED, those who supplemented their diets with nuts were at a 35% less risk of certain illnesses. Specific nuts that are scientifically proven to fight inflammation include pistachios, walnuts and almonds (available at in bar form.)

Finally, possibly the greatest thing about nuts is that they are delicious and easily accessible!

A lot of healthy foods that are preached as being the answer to a healthier diet may be difficult to obtain and pair with your current meal plans. In the case of nuts, they are able to be converted into many different food types such as nut butter, sprinkled on food or just munched on as a healthy snack.

They are easy to store at room temperature and are easily able to fit into almost anyone’s diet!

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