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Our Superfood Protein Balls are all-natural, made on our unique cold-pressed process, whereby all the wholefood nutrients are maintained. This sets the Kuranda balls aside from others who bake or extrude their product, burning off their nutrients.

Our protein balls are:

  • Vegan high in Protein
  • No Added Sugar
  • Low in Carbs
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-free.

Gluten Free Protein Ball Products

Superfood protein ball snacks aren’t only tasty, but are far healthier than many other snacks out there. They’re a quick and healthy snack you can consume on the go and are a good addition to any balanced diet, helping to stay you on track with your macronutrient and weight loss goals while keeping you fuller for longer.

Buy protein ball snacks from Kuranda Wholefoods today to get protein balls that are highly nutritious and ideal for enhancing your fitness regime or simply providing a healthy and nutritious snack. These gluten free protein balls for sale are available in a variety of flavours to satisfy any cravings you have for sweets.

Our superfood protein ball snacks are a great source of protein, fibre and energy for those who are constantly on the go or need a good pre/post-workout snack. In addition, our all natural protein balls for sale contain no added sugar, artificial ingredients, gluten, wheat, dairy or preservatives. Every gluten free protein ball snack we sell is made in-house by our team of health experts to fulfil the dietary requirements of anyone following a vegan, paleo, low sugar, low-fructose or low salt diet.

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Anyone that has been wondering “where can I buy protein ball snacks near me?” can shop online with Kuranda Wholefoods to get the best protein balls for sale Australia wide. To learn more, give us a call on (02) 8883 0884 or submit an online enquiry.

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