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The Next Step to a Healthier Lifestyle

The Next Step to a Healthier Lifestyle

Yoga And A Healthy Lifestyle

So, you’ve made your way to Kuranda Wholefoods, ordered some of our famous muesli and your diet is now in top shape! You may be asking, what now? Well, we have the answer, and its name is yoga! Yoga is the perfect activity to pair with healthy eating when trying to achieve goals such as weight loss, having more energy each day and reducing your risk of pain or diseases.

Yoga was originally a spiritual development exercise aimed to train the body and mind to be self-aware of one’s own nature. It was intended to develop discernment, higher consciousness and self-regulation in each person. For decades people have assumed that high cardio exercises such as running, and cycling were best for all the health goals we are trying to achieve. However, Research has found that yoga may be far more effective than both as well as increasing mindfulness.

Research by the University of Maryland School of Nursing found that yoga has been able to outperform aerobic exercise in terms of daily energy levels, pain levels, balance and flexibility. The study states that yoga has an interesting power regarding helping with weight control. Researchers hypothesise that due to yoga’s ability to control stress levels more effectively, it may be able to effect “food-seeking behaviour” which occurs during windows of high stress.

A study by spine states that doing yoga consistently for two sessions a week dramatically reduced lower back pain and was far more effective than physical therapy and painkillers. This is due to the increase in muscle strength and improved posture through posing. It doesn’t stop there, with studies showing that yoga can also dramatically improve conditions for people with arthritis and other types of chronic pain conditions.

Perhaps the biggest positive about yoga is the influence it can have on one’s mental state and wellbeing. By training ourselves to be mentally fit and have a strong mindset, we can greatly improve our chances of being healthy in all other aspects of our lives.

Once you have the right nutrients in your diet, it is important to maintain your discipline to achieve your health goals. Yoga can be a great way to assist with that and is a perfect partner for Kuranda Wholefoods yummy products!

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