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Food in Focus: Macadamia and Apricot Energy Bars

Food in Focus: Macadamia and Apricot Energy Bars

This week on food in focus we are going to be taking a look at two options from the Kuranda Wholefoods website that are quite unique amongst our vast array of products!

Using creamy macadamia nuts and combining them with beekeeper honey and juicy organic apricots we have created a mouth-watering snack that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere!

The bars are gluten free, dairy free and a fantastic source of protein; so, without further ado, let’s go check out the many benefits that these healthy snacks have to offer.

The orangey-yellowish fruit that everyone is talking about in 2019 is the apricot! Apricots are fantastic sources of your daily vitamin needs providing 12% of the vitamin A and C that your body desperately needs.

Health Benefits Of Apricots

Not only do apricots help give you your daily dose of vitamins but they also are very effective at reducing the effects of ageing on your eye health. Apricots are rich in nutrients known as carotenoids and xanthophylls that prevent degeneration as you age.

Apricots are a useful option for people who suffer from diabetes being a part of the low glycaemic index (GI) family. This means that they have a lasting effect on your blood sugar levels and do not cause unexpected spikes which can be harmful.

They are low in calories and carbs and the fibre within apricots is fantastic at maintaining healthy blood pressure. Another cool benefit of apricots is that they help to fight against respiratory problems.

The vitamin E contained in apricots is great for fighting against free radicals and boosting our immunity levels. They are also an efficient source of iron meaning they can be used to treat anaemia and improve haemoglobin counts!   

Health Benefits Of Macadamia

Now, onto the other awesome product featured on our food in focus blog this week, the macadamia. Macadamias are grown all around the world in tropical climates such as Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Packed with nutrition, a study by the Pennsylvania University found that Macadamias could be seriously beneficial for heart health. The research found that those that ate macadamias regularly had lower cholesterol and blood pressure than those that didn’t.

Macadamias are also known to be useful in the prevention of arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. The macadamia nut is rich in specific oils which help reduce inflammation and block arthritis from taking over as easily.

Macadamias also promote healthier brain cells preventing the brain from damage that leads to neurological issues in the future.

These two products form together to make an unbelievably tasty combination that is both delicious and nutritious! The many benefits listed here are just some of the great things that macadamias and apricots can do for you.

Have a look at the product for yourself here and stay tuned to the Kuranda Wholefoods blog for more informative topics in the future.


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