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Health and Nutrition Podcasts, We Are Loving This Spring!

Health and Nutrition Podcast That We're Loving

The term podcasting has been around for a little over a decade after the surge in popularity of the Apple iPod.  Sometimes there is nothing better on your commute to or from work than to plug into 30 minutes of informative, easily digestible and fun listening with someone who really knows their stuff. In this blog post, we are going to let you in on five of our favourite and most informed podcasters with tons of helpful tips for you this Spring!

Number one on the list is the ever-informative ABC Health Report. Taking a more scientific approach to podcasting, the Health Report offers chunks of real information that can greatly improve your general knowledge. From finding out just how super a superfood really is to whether the expensive products you purchase each week are worth the price, the Health Report is packed with great info.

At number two is the incredibly addictive podcast by Bulletproof Radio. Strap yourselves in for hours of content from the world’s top experts in the fields of nutrition and life. If you are looking for lifehacks then you have truly come to the right place. Bulletproof Radio constantly discusses more ways to upgrade your body and mind so that you can perform to your potential.

If you’re after more Australian made content, The Health Code podcast is unmissable. If not for Sarah’s wonderful personality, then for her advice on all thing’s wellness, fitness and nutrition. The Health Code is an outstanding option if you’re looking to add some more spice to your informative podcast list.

“The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast” has been designed to be accessible free and informative! For anyone that has ever suffered from an autoimmune disease, this could be the podcast for you! Follow Angie and Mickey as they share with you the tips they learned that made eating and living well possible for them. Along with awesome insights from expert guests this podcast was all was going to be a massive success.

Finally, if you were wondering, the combination of a nutritionist and chiropractor make for an incredible podcasting team. Dr Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman are the brains behind “The Ultimate Health Podcast” where nutrition, superfoods and meditation and wellness make up the bulk of the engaging content.

Check out all these awesome people and if you’re ever in need of more health and nutrition content you can always go to the Kuranda Wholefoods blog. Feel free to get in touch and share with us any other bloggers or podcasters that you just can’t live without!

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