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How to Stay Motivated Until Summer

Staying Motivated Until Summer

Staying Motivated When The Weather Is Bad

It has been a very bleak, wet and cold couple of weeks around certain parts of Australia. With summer just around the corner, you would be forgiven for leaning back into the warmth of comfort food and choosing to relax in front of Netflix for hours. However, even without our daily doses of Vitamin D, it is still important to get ourselves up and active.

Whilst the gym might not seem as attractive as that bar of chocolate or fast food run when the weather has you down, this is a chance to use our increased mindfulness and social connectedness. One of the best ways to convince yourself to stick to your gym routine even on days such as these is to use the famous school system adopted by camps, the buddy system! If you are lucky enough to convince one of your friends or family to be your gym buddy, you can both spur each other on. When you combine social time with gym time you will be surprised by how fast things fly by! 

If you’re struggling to stick to your healthy eating habits, maybe try rewarding yourself with a treat! Write down your healthy eating goal on paper and work towards being disciplined through to the end of the week. If at the end of the week you can tick off all your goals, treat yourself to something such as a massage or a nice dinner. Of course, to make things easier you could always try adding more of Kuranda Wholefoods delicious options to your diet. Our protein bites, energy bar and lunchbox bites make the perfect guilt-free snacks that make sticking to your diet that little bit easier!

Our final tip for staying motivated on these dark and dreary days is to create a “pump up playlist!” Grab your phone and put together a playlist of all the songs that get you in the mood to be productive. If you are able to stay focused and thinking about your goals that can make them far easier to achieve. Try documenting your success through checklist apps such as “To do and task list – Productive.”

We hope some of these tips will provide you with some added motivation to stay active and healthy even when the weather tries to bring you down. Don’t forget, Summer is just around the corner and we can focus on more fun things such as how to create the perfect Summer smoothie bowl 😉!

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