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Kuranda Wholefood’s Top Five Health Apps!

Our Top 5 Health Apps

One of the largest problems caused by our phones is the decrease in productivity when we are plugged into our devices. Thankfully, there are also some apps out there that can make browsing on your android or apple phone a valuable experience. So, instead of having to choose from the millions of apps in the app store, Kuranda Wholefoods have taken the time to narrow down 5 awesome apps that will greatly improve your physical and mental wellbeing each day.


At number one on our list comes the app “Pacer.” Pacer is perfect for anyone out there looking to take their steps game to the next level without purchasing an expensive product such as a Fitbit. The app tracks your health metrics in comparison to the World Health Organisations universal standards. Even better, however, if you own an apple product, Pacer can sync with the health application on your phone and connect your data to gain a better understanding of your BMI, blood pressure and weight.

Cost: Free

Charity Miles

Number two on the list is the app “Charity Miles.” Looking to do some social good while you keep active? Charity Miles brings in sponsorship money from large companies through advertising to allow you to earn money for your chosen charity just by walking around. There are over 40 charities to choose from and you will earn cash with every mile you complete

Cost: Free

7 Minute Workout Challenge App

If like us you’re also experiencing a time crunch with all your commitments every day, the 7 Minute Workout Challenge App could provide a nifty solution. The app revolves around high-intensity moves and aims to increase your metabolism for long-lasting effectiveness. The 7 Minute Workout Challenge app will get you the feeling of an hour-long work out in just 7 minutes.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases


At number four we are focusing on our mental wellbeing with the masterpiece that is “Headspace.” Headspace offers a variety of ways to improve your mental wellbeing and mindfulness. The app is packed with content from relationships to health to guided meditation. We strongly recommend trying Headspace for 30 days and seeing how it improves your day to day life.

Cost: Free for 30 days followed by a subscription-based model at $12.99 per month

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is great for those looking for a daily yoga routine to keep them focused. Mental health is incredibly important, and yoga is one of the best ways to ensure your mindfulness is at a high level. Yoga can help relieve stress, lower blood pressure and reduce chronic pain. Daily yoga has a total of 400 plus exercises and is free of cost with an optional monthly subscription.

Cost: Free. Optional paid subscription for $24.99

Check out these apps and let us know what you think!

We always welcome any feedback on our blog posts and if you happen to have a health app you just can’t live without please get in touch.

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