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Kuranda Wholefoods Energy Bars

Kuranda Wholefoods Energy Bars

Kuranda Wholefoods Energy Bars

Most people don’t know that energy bars were originally circulated in the 1960s as space food for astronauts to carry in their helmets. They served the purpose of providing quick energy and a relatively balanced diet during missions.

It wasn’t long, however, until energy bars were heavily commercialised and repackaged for athletes and regular consumers. At this point in time, the bars were considered on par with an energy drink for nutrients minus the caffeine.

Unfortunately, many companies took advantage of the healthy brand image that energy bars maintained and began adding even more sweeteners to the already sugar loaded product.

Look out for brands that carry high sucrose or fructose such as corn syrup. Finding a brand with plenty of nuts or seeds for good natural fats, protein and fibres is key to finding an energy bar that will suit your lifestyle.

At Kuranda, we understand that in this busy society people are time poor and need a full, fresh energy hit that contains no unwanted surprises.

Our energy bars are lovingly created with naturally sweet ingredients such as figs and walnuts. Always delicious and nutritious, you can be sure that with our energy bars your health and well-being will never be compromised.

Kuranda Wholefoods carry six different flavours including Pecan and Maple bars which offer a vegan-friendly choice! We are also excited about our Almond Nut Snax and Pecan and Maple Energy Bars which are fruit free.

At Kuranda Wholefoods we have made a promise to cater to as many dietary requirements as possible whilst never compromising on bringing that great taste that you expect from our products.

Check out all our awesome flavours at

    Pecan & Maple

    Almond Nut Snax

    Brazil Nut & Date

    Macadamia & Apricot

    Almond & Cranberry

    Walnut & Fig

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