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Raw Cacao And Mocha Bites

Raw Cacao And Mocha Bites

With the introduction of Kuranda Wholefood’s BRAND-NEW protein bites, we thought it was timely to talk about the benefits of raw cacao (featured in our Mocha Supreme Bites).

Raw cacao has so many often forgotten benefits, these include: improved memory, lowered risk of heart disease, providing an immunity boost and helping to shed fat. It is entirely different from the pressed chocolate sold in chocolate bars or pieces. When the products are prepared in this way they lose huge portions of their antioxidants, which whilst creating flavour eliminate much of the health benefits.

The buzz term, “superfood” is often used to describe raw cacao as it contains over 20 times the antioxidants found in blueberries and over 100 times the antioxidants found in bananas. Antioxidants absorb “free radicals” which come from pollution and toxins. Free radicals damage our cells and tissue which can lead to serious illness and diseases. 

Raw cacao contains one of the highest sources of iron for people on a plant-based diet. Raw cacao blows beef and lamb out of the water in regard to iron count. However, it is plant-based so it should be taken with vitamin c to gain the full benefits.  Not only iron but it is also a great source of magnesium which is vital for a healthy heart and brain.

Raw cacao is even able to boost your mood and just make you feel a whole lot better. There is a bliss molecule found in raw cacao known as anandamide, which gives us the feeling of euphoria. If you’re feeling like you need a quick lift mood wise, raw cacao could be the answer.

Finally, the same group of antioxidants found in red wine have been observed in raw cacao. These specific antioxidants have been known to help prevent premature ageing. The protect our cells from premature destruction and may in some cases help us feeling and looking younger.

Therefore, with all these amazing benefits there is no better time than right now to experience Kuranda Wholefood’s new protein bites! The Mocha Supreme Bites will be sure to lift your mood, taste great and have you feeling healthier.

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