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Staying Active At Work

Staying Active At Work

When we think about our offices or workplaces, fitness is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. Many of us spend our days sitting at our desks looking at computer screens, and a lot of us even eat our lunch at our desks. However, encouraging ourselves to be active in the workplace can be extremely beneficial for our own health and wellbeing. The endorphins released during exercise mean that we have more self-confidence, energy, and a more positive attitude to work as well as being far less stressed.

A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine found that people who work sitting down should get up and move at least every thirty minutes! The report states that further research needs to be conducted on just what sort of activity is required for each period of thirty minutes. It does suggest however that brisk pacing for up to five minutes may be a good option prior to more research being undertaken. The study claims that individuals who do not follow these guidelines are at risk of early death.

At Kuranda Wholefoods, we take staying active at work very seriously and still work hard in our factory! Here are some suggestions to help make staying active that little bit simpler:

1.)    Wear clothes to work that you feel comfortable in to encourage everyday movement.

2.)    Try to, where possible, take the stairs instead of the crowded elevators!

3.)    If your work offers it, a standing desk is a great solution to remaining active in the workplace

4.)    Try out walking to work in the morning or skip the bus ride home

Health and wellbeing are crucial and drive so many important factors in our lives. We hope this article provides you with some food for thought alongside eating healthy with Kuranda Wholefoods. If we can all eat healthily and stay active during the day then we can look forward to feeling better, more energetic and self-confident every day!

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