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The Importance of Whole Foods

The Importance of Whole Foods

Whole foods generally contain more nutrients and fewer calories than most foods we put in our bodies. This allows us to consume more of them whilst still maintaining a healthy diet. Whole foods do not contain fats, salts or other heavy additives you will find in heavily processed food.  You will often hear nutritionists and health experts speak of the Australian Dietary Guidelines but what do these stand for?

The NHRMC is a government body that identifies food which:

  • Lowers the risk of chronic disease
  • Promotes health and wellbeing
  • Reduces the risk of diet-related health conditions

According to the government website, the Australian Dietary Guidelines are based on recent scientific evidence and describe the best approach to maintaining a long and healthy life. They are referred to as guidelines because of how your dietary choices impact your health. The guidelines clearly state that a diet packed with nutritious whole foods play a large part in having a long, healthy life.

If you maintain a diet largely based on whole foods you can expect healthier blood sugar levels, better energy levels, less muscle pain, better digestion and far less risk of many diseases.  Kuranda's delicious products are made by real people in a real kitchen using innovative techniques and the finest ingredients. You can be sure that our team of health enthusiasts are working hard every day to deliver balanced and delicious food for you and your family. Join the healthy diet and whole foods movement to live a better life where you feel energised and happier each day.


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