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The “Wellness” Trend

The Wellness Trend

A major buzzword has emerged over the last few years causing the health blogging sphere to shift their focus from healthiness to the new and trendier “wellness.” Whilst the word is extremely popular, it is not always well defined. In fact, the only clearly defined portion of wellness happens to be ‘being free of illness.’ The world health organisation defines wellness as the act of practicing healthy habits daily to gain better physical and mental health outcomes.

Perhaps wellness, can be better defined by outlining its five key components. These being; sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, social connection and exercise. The key to being well is to execute small actionable steps each day for all the above categories. In no time at all you will be on your way to feeling and doing better!

Social connection may be as simple as having a conversation with your local barista, however a conversation with someone close to you each day, be it family or friends can do wonders. An additional benefit will be improving their social connectedness at the same time!

Regarding nutrition, Kuranda Wholefoods has you covered with a whole range of delicious and healthy goodies that will put that pep in your step. Feel free to check out some of our previous blogs for some awesome health tips and nutritional recipes.

Our previous blog on tips and tricks to a good night’s sleep is packed with info on increasing the amount of pure undisturbed sleep you can get! For a quick tip, try using your bed only for sleeping and avoid using electronics whilst under the covers.

Practicing mindfulness and can be as simple as acknowledging your state of mind throughout the day. Consider how you are feeling and why it is that you are feeling this way. A strong understanding of self and your state of mind can lead to powerful improvements in general wellbeing and help you react more positively to stressful circumstances.

Finally, exercise. Exercise can be tough to get a handle on in our busy working lives. However, simple tips and tricks such as skipping the bus on the way to work or taking the stairs can do wonders and get us to that precious 30 minutes of activity per day. Of course, you can also check out our staying active in the workplace blog at

Hopefully this blog clears up some of the confusion around the wellness buzzword and the five factors of wellness that we can all focus on a little bit more each day!

The "Wellness" Trend

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