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Tips and Tricks For a Good Nights’ Sleep

Tips and Tricks for a Good Nights Sleep

So, you have just purchased the latest Fitbit and have started collecting data on your optimal sleep habits and patterns. What do you do with the data, and how can we use extra tips and tricks to ensure your sleep is optimised? Even if this isn't specifically the case for you, we can all use a few helpful hints to make getting those 6-9 hours a little bit simpler.

For our first tip, it can be helpful to only spend the amount of time in bed that you intend to sleep. This means not entering your bed to watch a tv show, movie, read a book or play a game. If you only get into bed half an hour or so before you wish to fall asleep your body will find it easier to get into a rhythm and will further associate your bed with sleeping.

This point ties in with our next which is that you should try to never use your bed for electronic purposes. If you're wide awake in bed watching tv or a movie then your brain will be unable to purely associate your bed with sleep time. If you find yourself wide awake, try to wind down outside of your bed until you feel your body is ready for rest.

If you regularly drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or have coffee late in the day this can affect the quality of your sleep. Whilst some studies have proven that these things can help you fall asleep faster you are unlikely to have a well-balanced uninterrupted full night of sleep.

Try setting yourself a regular sleep time. Our bodies crave regular patterns for everything, diet, exercise, work etc. Having a set bedtime each evening will make it far easier for you to feel tired at the right time and well rested when you wake up each morning. There are many other tips available out there so get researching and together we can improve our sleep patterns in this crazy world!

Tips and Tricks For a Good Nights’ Sleep

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