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Top Five Gluten-Free Bloggers

Top Five Gluten-Free Bloggers

It can be challenging to find people worth following with so many options to choose from in the health food blogging scene. Yesterday we posted an article by across our social media accounts showcasing 25 of their favourite gluten-free bloggers. After all the link clicks the posts received it was clear that we should present our top five gluten-free bloggers to get all our readers the best and most concise information out there. So here it is, Kuranda Wholefood’s top five!

Appearing on most lists out there is the amazing Erin Smith. Creator of the Gluten-Free Fun Blog as well as Gluten-Free Globetrotters, a movement designed to encourage people with coeliac disease to travel the world. Packed with helpful tips, resources and planning assistance, Erin’s blog is a must-read. Check it out at:

Next on the list is the Coeliac Disease foundation. This website is one of the top resources for information created to bring an end to the suffering caused by the disease. With many research and educational initiatives undertaken by the group, their content is a must-read. While you’re there feel free to hit the team gluten free link and find out how you can get involved further!

If recipes are more what you’re looking for in a gluten-free blog then look no further than Angela’s Kitchen! Angela has been finding exciting ways to cook gluten-free since 1994 and is an expert in gluten and dairy free living. Also, if you happen to have some love for gardening you will find many tips on growing organic food and food preservation.

Kelly and Kim from Coeliac Chicks provide a very personal look at their gluten-free journey. Combining in-depth video interviews expertly created with great tips on what didn’t work for them makes Coeliac Chicks a must-bookmark blog. Whilst they don’t blog as much as they used to, there is still fantastic content that is relevant today.

Beyond Coeliac was a website created to drive awareness that diagnosis of the coeliac disease was far lower than it should be. At a lowly 3% detection rate Alice Bast (Creator of Beyond Coeliac) wanted to ensure that people received the information and correct diagnosis they needed. They are aggressively working on paving the way for a cure to be found for coeliac disease and believe it may be possible in ten years.

That’s Kuranda Wholefoods top five gluten-free bloggers.

If you’re still hungry for content and great gluten-free meal ideas. Feel free to hit the link below and browse through some of our other informative blogs!

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