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You may not know about this Trending Health Issue!

You May Not Know About This Trending Health Issues

Women's Health magazine stated that in 2018 the importance of gut health would be on the rise. Pinterest has estimated from their data that there is a 250% increase in people saving pins for the topic of gut health and healthy recipes. With over 100 trillion bacteria in your body, largely located in your intestines it is crucial to eat well. What we eat determines the type of bacteria that enters your gut. This is very important as what you eat will have lasting long-term effects.

One great way to limit any damage to your gut health is to eat less processed foods and more fibre. Low fibre and high sugar diets cause the wrong type of bacteria to grow in the gut. Fibre-rich foods such as muesli can put you well on your way to hitting your daily intake targets. Kuranda Wholefoods have an awesome range of muesli options to get you started.

Another awesome way to maintain gut health is to remain hydrated! If you are someone that doesn't drink enough water your digestion system will be affected. If you find yourself not motivated enough to drink the required amount of water, try adding slices of fruit like cucumber.

Alcohol is known to limit your digestive system and cause inflammation. Try to avoid even moderate drinking if you have problems with your gut health. Health guidelines in Australia recommend no more than two standard drinks on any day for healthy men and women.

Gut health is a trending topic and research on probiotics and ways to combat poor quality health is still in its infancy. Stay posted, try out some of these tips and let us know if your quality of life increases. In the meantime have a read through the rest of our blog section and pick up some more useful tips!

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