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Fructose Free Snacks

If you’re unable to eat fructose due to health concerns, you’ll know how hard it can be to find snacks that won’t cause issues. Fortunately, the range of fructose free muesli bars and cereals available at Kuranda Wholefoods makes it easier to find healthy fructose free options.

If you’re looking to buy fructose friendly snacks, we have fructose free cereals and fructose free bars for sale to suit many different dietary and nutritional requirements while providing the energy you need to get through a busy day or workout session. We offer the best fructose free muesli bars and cereals in quinoa, pecan and maple, chia and quinoa, chia and cacao nibs, chia and almond, and chia and cranberry flavours, with value bundle packs also available.

At Kuranda Wholefoods, we’re aware that many of our customers have dietary requirements that restrict that they can and can’t eat. We pay close attention to what goes into our fructose free snacks to ensure we have products that suit various needs. Our fructose free muesli bars and cereals are gluten free and have low GI with no added sugar. We use all natural ingredients that allow our customers to enjoy fructose free snacks no matter what type of intolerance they may have.

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