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Are you after snacks that are sweet and taste great without containing any fruits? Not everyone enjoys eating foods that have fruit as an ingredient, while others live with certain allergies or intolerances that prevent them from safely eating certain fruits. If this is the case for you, you’ll love our low GI fruit free snacks & muesli, allowing you to enjoy a delicious treat that’s chock full of goodness without containing any fruit.

Kuranda Wholefoods is the best destination when you want to buy fruit free snacks & muesli products that are nutritious while meeting all your taste preferences and allergy requirements. Our low GI fruit free muesli bars and other snacks are available in many different delicious flavours, such as chia and almond, chia and cacao nibs, chia and quinoa, organic quinoa, pecan and maple and almond nut, as well as various value bundle options.

Our low GI fruit free bars and muesli products are perfect for anyone who wants to reduce their dietary intake of any natural fruit sugars or fructose, or who would simply rather not have any fruit in their food. Instead of fruit, our prebiotic fruit free muesli products and other snacks are loaded with a variety of all natural ingredients that provide healthy fats and fibre, with no added sugar or preservatives.

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